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Gourmet Appetizers

Get your party on!

Give your guests some Happy Apps for a light accompaniment to a social occasion. Just provide the event details and select the apps of your choice.

buffets can actually be good

Right? Let’s move beyond chicken tenders and salad from a bag. Our buffets are designed for pure happy. This is a great option for hosts looking to provide a full meal - trust us, your guests won’t leave hungry.

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5 course dinner party

Your guests will look at you with raw, slightly uncomfortable admiration. Your significant other will fall for you all over again. Or maybe this dinner party is just a small boondoggle to woo a certain someone? Our food is great for wooing. Whatever the need, you’ll be happy you let us make your evening special.

Holiday parrrrrrrty

Let’s make that New Year’s “Lose Weight & Get Healthy” resolution you’re about to make count for something. Indulge yourself and your guests with festive food. Book early, as events are catered on a first-come / first-serve basis.


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Box Lunches

Big, important corporate meeting? Non-profit board meeting? Meeting of any kind? These box lunches are perfect for you and your guests.

Need Something Special?

Tell us about your needs and our team will be happy to help you craft the perfect event.